Non-roll ribbed elastic 25mm - 0.25m

Non-roll ribbed elastic 25mm - 0.25m

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Composition: Nylon / latex

Origin: China

High quality ribbed, non-roll elastic, perfect for waistbands, cuffs, etc.  

This firm 1" / 25mm wide non roll elastic is my first choice when creating garments that need to offer comfort and durability.  We've all made that garment with the waistband that needs to be corrected after every wash and even worse, during wear!  Save yourself the hassle and go for a non roll elastic option.  

Unlike braided elastic, woven non roll elastic will not narrow when put under tension.  

0.25m = $0.40
0.5m = $0.80
0.75m = $1.20
1m = $1.60

Sold in units of .25m - please order 2 units for 0.5m, 3 units for 0.75m, etc.

Currently only offered in 25mm or 12mm.  Please note for wider waistbands, you can zig zag stitch a double width of this elastic together if required.