Hello friends + fellow makers. 👋🏽

Trin here, short for Katrina.

I am a keen sewist, Mother of two, beachside dweller, sometimes baker, occasion knitter and terrible housekeeper...

My sewing journey started like so many of you, watching my Mum carefully pin, stitch, hand embroider, quilt and knit from a young age.  There was always a basket brimming with projects next to her chair in the lounge room.  

She gave me a vintage Singer sewing machine for my 19th birthday (almost 20 years ago!) + the rest is pretty much history.  That little green gem + I shared many ill fitting garments, broken needles + sweary moments.  But nothing we ruined together could dampen my making spirit.  I've since learnt the value of changing my machine needles + oiling her regularly, but most importantly, the value in slowing down.  

Changing my practise so I'm not just rushing through projects to finish + make 'more', but learning to make 'better'.  Better decisions with the fabrics + the patterns I select.  Making sure that all elements of the garments I choose to sew will suit my body, aesthetic + lifestyle.   

I am enjoying slowing down, taking the time to plan + curate a small collection of pieces that I love.  I'm slowly working towards building a small + thoughtful wardrobe of pieces I know I'll enjoy wearing now + into the future.

There is something incredibly special about the process of moving through concept design to competition, ending with a finished piece of clothing.  Having the ability to make a garment that fits your body well + also makes you feel good when worn should not be underestimated - It's a freakin' super power!

The idea for A+R had been brewing slowly for a long time.  I had been running 'three x four', my line of little ladies dresses since early 2013.  This involved sourcing fabrics from all over the world to create limited edition pieces for littlie's.  Somewhere during that first year or so of sourcing, I began to think about offering the beautiful fabrics I was using to the public.  But, babe number two came along + the idea was shelved again.

So here we are in 2019, finally open, just as I arrive at the point in my life where I'm able to dedicate this little dream the time + energy it deserves.