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Zoom Juki MCS-1500N Coverstitch Machine

Juki MCS-1500N Coverstitch Machine

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Price includes FREE shipping Australia wide + a 2 year warranty.

** This is the updated model for 2021, now with built-in LED light.

What JUKI says: "Juki introduces the new model specialized in Cover Stitching and Chain Stitching Sewing Machine that takes sewing up a notch.  Equipped with useful features that provide sewing enjoyment."

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  • Adjustable differential feed
  • Simple looper threading
  • Extension plate with seam guide lines
  • Adjustable Presser foot pressure
  • Presser foot guide
  • Exterior thread cutter
  • 4 thread cover stitch
  • 3-thread cover stitch (wide)
  • 3-thread cover stitch (narrow)
  • Decorative Stitching
  • Chainstitch
  • Presser foot lifter
  • LED light fixture

The Juki MCS 1500N is a purpose built Coverstitch machine, to give your knit garments + homewares a commercial finish at a great price.
Coverstitch machines are primarily used to create professional-looking hems, neckbands and cuffs on knit garments.  

A coverstitch machine is perfect for use when creating your own swimwear, t-shirts, underwear, activewear, children's clothing, etc.  The Juki MCS-1500N offers 4-thread, 3-thread (wide), and 3-thread (narrow) stitches giving you plenty of options to choose from to create the finish you like best for each individual garment.

A coverstitch machine offers the dual function of covering the raw edges of your fabric whilst also retaining the fabrics stretch and recovery.  You will find the stitches created with your Juki MCS-1500N don't pucker as can be the case when you sew stretch fabrics with your regular sewing machine.  

Some users may find a little tunnelling can still occur with the 3-thread narrow stitch on your lightweight and drapey knits such as viscose, bamboo or modal.  This is due to the nature of the fabric, not the machine or user error, and will disappear once you press and set your stitches. 

How is a coverstitch machine different to an overlocker?

The main purpose of an overlocker is to tidy up seams and prevent fraying. Your overlocker will trim excess seam allowance with the in-built blade and at the same time sew a neat row of stitches over the edge of the fabric encasing the raw edge.

On the other hand, a coverstitch machine has a looper like an overlocker for the thread required to create the stitches under the fabric, but it doesn’t have a blade.  There's no cutting involved with a coverstitch machine, it's job is simply to hem your finished garment edges or create decorative rows chainstitching.  

Some say as it doesn't cut anything, it is closer to a sewing machine in function, and therefore behaves better with good quality sewing threads rather than the cones you would use with your overlocker.  

Some feel given that it uses a looper and thread on the underside of the fabric, it's closer to an overlocker.  The process to thread a coverstitch machine is definitely similar and does take a little practice.  

Either way, if you work with knits often and want to elevate the finish for your own garments, or you sell garments requiring a commercial finish, the Juki MCS-1500N could be a great addition to your family of machines! 

Download the Juki MCS-1500N brochure here.

Download the Juki MCS-1500N instructional manual here.

You can read more about why I've selected Juki as my brand of choice here.

Questions: Please feel free to get in touch using the 'Chat with Us!' bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the website.  

I know investing in a new machine is a big decision and you'll want to gather as much information as possible before being able to make a choice on the right machine.

Everyone has different needs with their sewing machinery, let's see if a JUKI is the right fit for you!  

* Only available for Australian delivery.
** Shipping and a 2 year warranty are included in this price.  Please review the warranty details here.

Sewing Speed : Maximum 1,350 spm
No. of needles used : 3
Needle system : 130/705H
Stitch Width : Coverstitch: 2.5/5mm
Stitch length : 1 – 4mm
Diffential Feed : no waving in knits, no puckering
Presser foot lift : 8mm/10mm
Dimension : 280(L) x 335 (W) x 285 (H)mm
Weight : 7.0 kg
Light : LED

Spool Caps
Brush / needle inserter
Hexagonal screwdriver
Accessory bag
Dust cover

Juki MCS-1500N Coverstitch Machine


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Linda Liversidge
I am in love

I have just received my new Juki sewing machine the DX 7 and I am in love. It is even better than I thought it would be. The automatic needle threader is a total game changer. It is quiet and efficient and sews through thick seams like a hot knife in butter. The sales service from A and R fabrics was a dream too. Looking forward to many years of happy sewing

Lauren Wolfram
Great experience purchasing the Juki Coverstitch!

I have nothing but good things to say about finally getting the Juki MCS-1500N coverstitch machine, and buying it through A&R Fabrics has been such a great experience. Before and since purchasing, Trin has been so helpful with information and initial help with the machine. It came pre-threaded and I've had no issues at all with use so far, but I'm confident that if I ever do I could contact A&R for some great advice!

Karen mizzi
Very easy

Dealing with A&R fabrics was a total breeze and Katrina was amazing. I’m also a huge fan of Juki and this machine delivers on all fronts.

Erin D
Love my Juki Coverstitch

I've enjoyed creating some new garments with my Juki Coverstitch.
It gives a nice finish and feels like such a strong and reliable machine.
A couple of times I've scared myself when I've not threaded it properly or need to adjust some settings, but after a review of the manual and carefully retreading in the right order it goes great again.


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