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Clover Water Soluble Pencil - White

Clover Water Soluble Pencil - White

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Working with a dark colour and need to trace your pattern and markings?

A Clover water soluble pencil is suited for precise fine markings and can be easily wiped off with water.  Useful for creating fine lines when garment sewing, quilting or even for dark embroidery pieces.  

Sketch out a fun design on the back pocket of your next pair of Muna and Broad Noice Jeans or an intricate embroidery design on the back of your favourite linen jacket.

Be sure to test on a scrap or section of your lining prior to use.  

To remove: Dampen a clean white / undyed cloth that will not transfer colour.  Gently wipe away any visible white marks from your work.   

Made in Japan and used the world over.  A brilliant addition for any sewist.