KATM Jeans Hardware - Matte Gold - Full Kit V2.0

KATM Jeans Hardware - Matte Gold - Full Kit V2.0

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Version two of the KATM Jeans Hardware kits contain easier-to-attach buttons with an internal guide inside the back of the button, and spiked nails so that each and every button should be a success.

What's included in the kit?

Hardware for 2 pairs of jeans:

2 x YKK locking jeans zippers nickel finish (MADE IN AUSTRALIA)

2 x Zipper "top stops" for use in shortening the zipper to a custom length

3 x Jeans Buttons and nails (one extra just in case, or keep for another project)

12 x Rivets and standard nails (most RTW jeans have 6 or less rivets per pair)

12 x Longer rivet nails (for installing rivets on bulky coin pockets or for very thick denim)

1 x reusable tool kit - including 3mm thick awl, circular anvil, rivet setter and button setter. You will also need your own hammer to use this kit.

1 x Instruction sheet, with additional photo and video tutorials on the KATM blog which can be accessed through the QR code on the pack.

Why KATM made these kits: 

KATM have chosen some beautiful metal finishes, taking inspiration from ready to wear looks in denim at the moment, high quality zippers, custom made tools, and packed them all in a super awesome kit for your jeans making journey at home.  This kit will take your jeans finishing to the next level of awesomeness!

You do not need to snip the rivet nails shorter, they just hammer in perfectly every time with the custom made tools.  The anvil fits the button perfectly and holds it in place while you hammer it in.  

What size zipper should I choose?

If you have a pattern in mind, please check the specific details and required notions list within that pattern prior to purchase.

15 cm should work for Men's and Women's low rise and mid rise jeans.  It may also work for some smaller sizes of high waisted jeans. 

19cm for high waisted jeans in most sizes.

There is an extra top stop per zipper included, so if you need to shorten your zipper, you can do this at home.  You will need some pliers / metal snips etc.  After removing the required amount of teeth, clamp the top stop above the top zipper tooth to ensure you do not accidentally pull the zipper pull off the teeth altogether.