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Collection: Silk Noil

Silk noil is made from the the short fibres that are left over after combing and spinning the long silk threads from the silk worm cocoons.  Traditionally a waste product from the silk manufacturing process, these short fibres are what give silk noil it's distinctive surface texture.  This lovely texture makes it appear like is would be quite crisp, but it actually has a lovely drape.  

Our silk noil is lightweight, approximately 150gsm, but it's structure provides good opacity.  This drape + opacity lend themselves beautifully to shell tops, tanks, dresses, jumpsuits, blouses, flowing skirts, wide leg relaxed fit pants, just about anything you would traditionally craft with a woven fabric.  It handles beautifully like a cotton to cut + sew.  It has an understated luxury to it with its low lustre, yet high colour vibrancy.  

Dry cleaning is often recommended to help retain this colour vibrancy, however silk noil can be washed.  After trial and error with my own garments, I do suggest a gentle hand wash and hang to dry in the shade for best results.

The fabric will withstand machine washing, however this will cause the colour to fade quicker.  If you are using the raw, undyed fabric, you may choose to machine wash on a delicate cycle, but I would still suggest to hand wash where possible.

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