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Threading your Juki MO-1000

The JUKI MO-1000's air threading technology is ridiculously quick + simple!  You can skip to the 3:20 mark of this video from Vanessa and watch her show you how to easily rethread. 

Each MO-1000 also includes an instructional DVD to walk you through how to use the air threading technology, but here's a quick written rundown for you incase you're unable to view Vanessa's video above:

Step 1: Open the front cover to expose the thread track, with it's easy to follow coloured guides.  

Step 2: Pull the looper threads through the first thread guide and then into the corresponding channel that runs past the tension disk.  

Step 3: Flick the switch on the front of the overlocker to 'UP' and turn your hand wheel until the channels lock.  This creates the air channel that the air and thread will flow through, pushing the thread out the other end and through the loopers.

Step 4: Guide the thread into the corresponding hole following the coloured shapes to ensure you're setting it up correctly, pushing at least 2-3cm of thread into the hole.

Step 5: Press the 'Air' button and 'voila', collect the thread from the looper and place  it under the arm, towards the back of the machine.  

Step 6: Thread your needles using the automatic needle threader, switching the threader from right to left to thread each needle.

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